8 Ways To Make Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony Safe and Entertaining

8 Ways To Make Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony Safe and Entertaining

Who says you can’t have fun on your mehndi function just because your area is under lockdown? You might not be aware, but lockdown weddings are the best ones you can ever organize with limited family members. Weddings are among the happiest days that are meant to be celebrated, and as we are still battling with the health crisis, it is important to follow the guidelines. So, don’t forget to follow all the safety protocols and norms mandated by the government when enjoying a safe and full-of-life mehndi ceremony.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

You must be aware that the mehndi function is among the most fun-centric events out of all the ceremonies – it is all about vivid colours, fascinating decoration, and upbeat music. Organising some of the entertaining activities for your guests will make this ceremony an important event to remember. So, when you are all set to make a blast on your mehndi, you need to create a list of interesting function ideas with a wedding planner in Australia and make sure those are to be loved by your guests.

Be strict about your guest list.

Indian weddings have always been popularly known to invite every possible person you know in your entire contact list, your relatives. But as the government has mandated to allow only a few people, you need to make sure that your guest’s list, including your family members, meets those restrictions. It would help if you can communicate the same to your guests as well, so they don’t get any plus ones when attending your mehndi event.

Pick closer location or make arrangement in your home

When arranging your mehndi function, pick a venue that is closer to your home, or you can even make a well-defined use of your terrace or lawns of your homes. It ensures that you can keep complete control over the hygiene and sanitisation of the venue. Make sure to keep the entire venue clean, and place the sanitisers at every nook so that the guests can sanitise their hands as needed.

Guests’ hygiene

Even if the guests are your close relatives, they have to wear a mask! Don’t forget to ask your guests to follow the strict quarantine measures even if they are your close relatives. You can keep the masks at the side of the bride’s place so that everyone arriving at the venue to give their blessings can wear that. If possible, you can even place the different boards with funny messages over them that actually provoke guests to follow the proper guidelines.

Ensure your mehndi artists are following the health protocols

It is essential. Your mehndi artists will sit closer to you and your guests for hours, maybe until the event. You need to make sure that they are sanitising their hands regularly, wearing gloves, masks, and following the practice of social distancing wherever possible. If you are looking for a mehndi artist for real weddings in Australia, you can browse them through the Saffron Weddings platform to find the suitable one that meets your requirements as well.

Make use of technology.

No mehndi function is complete without fun music and dance, so make use of your music systems instead of inviting any DJs, dhol-walas, or bands to your ceremony. It is also a great way to minimise your interaction with more people and also cut costs that you can use on some other arrangements.

Use minimal designs

Who says minimal mehndi designs are boring? It would be great to go with the fun quarantine mehndi designs that are smaller yet quicker to implement so that you don’t have to sit for long hours to follow the strict regulations of quarantine. If you don’t want to include too many people for your mehndi ceremony, you can also opt for the mehndi tattoos instead. Just get your bridal mehndi done by a bridal mehndi artist and leave the rest guests to go for the self-applicable henna tattoos.

simple weddings in Australia

Mehndi Ceremony during Lockdown

Follow quarantine measures even for food.

There is no Indian mehndi function complete without delicious food, but don’t forget to follow the cleanliness standards when it comes to the entire arrangements for snacks or food. You need to opt for cooking food instead of raw salads and chaats and make sure to keep only the healthy food for the mehndi ceremony arrangements.

Monitor your guests all the time

Keep one of the dedicated people who can handle this job well. You can ask that person to keep a constant eye on the guests at the venue to ensure that all the guests follow the protocols by wearing their masks. Further, make it a point in your wedding arrangement list to keep extra sanitisers as well as masks for your guests all the time.

Go digital

It is well-known that an Indian wedding function is incomplete without exchanging gifts and love, but you have to keep this process contactless. You can request your guests to use digital wallets instead of handing over the envelopes – it would make it easier for everyone to follow the guidelines as well as give their blessings. You can even create your own chatting group where you can create your wishlist and get the gifts delivered to your doorstep, even if you are limiting the number of guests at your mehndi ceremony.

We all want our simple weddings in Australia to be unforgettable and fun, so you always look for ways to make the entire ceremony grand that everyone can remember for a long. However, it becomes difficult to have all the fun that regular weddings create when it comes to the lockdown wedding ceremonies. If you are making arrangements for your mehndi ceremony in Australia during quarantine, these discussed ways will definitely help you host a decent function with minimum guests. The most important thing is to follow the guidelines issued by the government, so you need to make sure that your guests are following all the regulations. A lockdown mehndi ceremony can be fun and exciting only if you have completely planned how you will serve your guests.

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