A deep dive on Wedding shoots during lockdown weddings

A deep dive on Wedding shoots during lockdown weddings

Across the globe, the wedding industry is severely impacted by the pandemic – even the wedding venues, wedding planners, photographers, and other wedding partners have changed the way of doing their work. But the question arises – is this a permanent change, or will it pass soon? Are the photographers adapting to those changes comfortably, or has the new era of intimate weddings adapted to these trends and demands? After taking a deep dive into the current scenario of wedding photography, you will learn –

Indian Wedding Shoot

Indian Wedding Shoot

How is an intimate wedding shoot different?

Among the important virtues, the current global pandemic has re-established the value of our loved ones within us, and every aspect of our lives is actually exposed to the rest of the world. It is an intimate, cozy setting to celebrate a union that seems to be unique as compared to the regular wedding days, but you are surely going to have fun. Intimate weddings have more pros than their cons – they are like small, fun weddings with a big heart and loads of entertainment. Whether you are organizing your intimate wedding in the backyard or at your own farmhouse, it brings the sense of familiarity, charm, along with the unique sentiment that makes your day noteworthy. Although you can spend most of your time with your family, you, unfortunately, cannot invite all of your loved ones, but you have the option to go with virtual interaction.

Today photographers approach wedding photography and filmmaking to make something timeless so that the real heartfelt emotions, along with the magic and love, are preserved. The professionals for Indian wedding photography in Melbourne are constantly looking out for those fleeting moments that make couple wedding stories entirely unique, and intimate weddings are actually going to bring various opportunities to capture those real moments in the truest form. Going with the trends and demands like these will change the entire picture of how we see weddings and how we capture the moments. Since lockdown, the photographers have seen that people appreciate the limitation about inviting 50 people, and in most weddings, the guest is extremely downsized with almost 30 people. Every family is following the appropriate safety precautions and the government’s regulations for the lockdowns – they actually are putting the UV sanitation system at the entry.

How has COVID-19 influenced wedding photography operations?

Due to limitations in the number of people, the photographers are even avoiding carrying their assistants to the wedding, which is actually a positive shift for them. Various photographers are already working independently, but the current pandemic has actually taught the photographers with assistants to do more than one role. Today, the photography team members play dual roles and support each other very well – they are carrying different cameras with different lenses to capture the moments as needed. 

What are the significant guidelines that a photography team is following right now?

Right now, sanitation is clearly the top priority, and the pandemic has blown the fact that nothing is more important and safe other than adopting a clean and responsible lifestyle. With safety on the top of mind across the world, the photographers follow the safety guidelines to ensure that their team and the guests do not get affected. The best thing is photographers are even making sure that their team members are not coming to work from the red zones. They are as concerned about the safety and sanitation facilities of the venue as the couple or the families to ensure that no one can be affected by the virus.

Further, they are making their post-production staff work from home until it is unnecessary, with the motive to minimise physical interactions with anyone. They sanitise all the equipment they use for the shoot before and after – every photographer has their own kit; they even stopped to share cameras, lenses or any other equipment.

What are the tips on working with the limited space for home weddings?

No doubt, space can be a huge restriction when planning for a home wedding, and various families set up a mandap and create a separate seating area around the mandap by hiring the event decorators in Queensland. The eating area can be planned in a different part of the home, and it can be on the terrace, basements, or even a nearby relative or neighbour’s home. Tiny areas and the corners can also be decorated with backdrops for good photos, and the decorators can place the photo-ops to brighten up the space while making the best use of it. Also, it will be better to avoid sofa seating and replacing them with chairs because the sofas take much of your seating space.

Home Wedding Shoots

Home Wedding Shoots

How has COVID-19 impacted the pre-wedding shoots right now?

The entire idea for the pre-wedding shoots is to capture the love and the chemistry of the couples that they share, and it is a great moment with which you can create memories you can keep before you tie up any knot. The photographers in Australia can even pick the nearby locations such as parks or indoor studios, or you can even shoot within the complete comfort of your home while using any space that tells your story as a couple. Most couples find pre-wedding shoot scenarios even cheesy or uncomfortable, but for photographers, it is a way or the moment that creates a friendly relationship with the couples. When you meet the couples before the wedding, you can actually break the ice and let them pose comfortably when they are doing a wedding shoot – it really helps because the couples can actually lose any stiffness or discomfort with time. Pre-wedding shoo comes in handy for e-invites, saving the announcements for the dates, and now the couples are even doing the live stream online. They can use those shots on their wedding websites or share the zoom links with the nice wedding shots. You can actually make good use of cafes in your cities that might be open to renting the space for a few hours to shoot, and you can make use of hula loops and flowers to create an attractive background.

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