Amanda & Prasad – Sydney, NSW

East meets West

Amanda and Prasad’s romance unfolded in the picturesque city of Sydney where they crossed paths after migrating from Western Australia and Malaysia, respectively. Here, Amanda shares the details of her cross-cultural wedding.


How they met:

Amanda was born in the outer suburbs of Perth, WA and moved from a rural city, Geraldton, to Sydney in 2014 following the end of the mining boom in Western Australia. There were few prospects in the dating scene in Western Australia and after 5 years of searching for that special someone, Amanda lay eyes on Prasad when they matched on dating website, E-Harmony. Amanda says, “The funny part about Prasad is that he didn’t contact me all the time during the start of our relationship and would go silent to the point where our friends were unsure if there was going to be a future together. But once we met we didn’t feel the need to be with each other every moment of the day and so we built a strong relationship based on mutual trust, communication and treasuring the moments we had together.”  Prasad, who currently works as a business consultant in the government sector, is originally from Malaysia and migrated to Sydney with his family at the age of 10. He has previously done Karate and Kravmaga and was justifiably impressed by Amanda’s black belt in Taekwon Do. It was their joint love of art, anime and martial arts which sparked the initial flame of love leading into this fairy-tale wedding.

The proposal:

Prasad took Amanda to Sydney Olympic Park for a romantic walk in the moonlight to find where Prasad’s name is inscribed in a column to commemorate his involvement in volunteering for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Whilst Amanda was looking for Prasad’s name, he went down on one knee and proposed to Amanda with a unique black opal ring.

Wedding Functions:

Harrington Grove Country Club

Buck’s night and Bridal shower:
  • The bucks night was a very informal gathering held in the couple’s home a weekend before the wedding, with tasty pizza and pasta ordered from a local wood-fire pizza restaurant in Harrington Park .
  • The bridal shower, on the other hand, was held after our Hindu wedding ceremony. The Hindu ceremony was a very intimate event with our closest family members so we chose to have the bridal shower and henna night after our interstate and overseas relatives had arrived for the main ceremony. This allowed ample time for both our families to meet and interact with each other. The bridal shower was a fun 80’s inspired dance fitness class theme where all the girls got together in their active wear to celebrate Amanda’s final day as a single woman. The henna function followed soon after with Amanda wearing a specially made T-shirt gifted to her by her friends.
Intimate Temple Ceremony:
  • The couple’s friends got together to tastefully decorate Prasad’s parents’ home with paper galands the day before the ceremony where Prasad got ready for the big day. He wore a white lungi with a blue sherwani specially brought over from Malaysia by Prasad’s cousin. Meanwhile, Amanda was adorned in a traditional red and gold saree with white jasmine flowers in her hair as she got ready at a family friend’s house.
Official Ceremony:
  • The ceremony was held at Harrington Grove Country Club in the amphitheatre with seating for 160 guests including children. The bride wore a beautiful blue and pink lehenga perfectly complimenting her nose ring, bangles, Thali and bindi, whilst the groom wore an elegant white and gold sherwani, both from Klang,Malaysia. Amanda and her mother-in-law did a wonderful job with their DIY décor using matching flowers in clear and white vases to tie in with the pink and lace theme of the invitations.  Another highlight was the the pink and pearl balloon wall setup with a lovely tribute to the ancestral members of both Amanda and Prasad’s families.
  • The reception was held in the event room at Harrington Grove Country Club with the same number of attendees as the ceremony. Amanda got changed into a custom made silver gown from a designer based in Indonesia, Misch B Couture. She chose to stick to minimal jewellery wearing her Thali from the Hindu ceremony, silver bangles, and a gold bracelet gifted to her by Prasad’s Aunty on a trip to Taiping.
  • “We are not sure yet as we are still looking for a location. We were looking to give back to the community and are looking at volunteering opportunities in a different country.”

Amanda’s Wedding Planning:

“I did a lot of research into local vendors which allowed the end result to be more personalized. All of our vendors were personally selected as they were willing to go the extra mile for us because of the friendship we built. We also made use of all our friends and contacts and were able to get a few discounts, and most importantly assistance, from our friends. I also started to plan our wedding as soon as we got engaged so that by the time we got married, there was very little to organise which reduced the stress. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration and also talked to my in-laws and family about what they expected to reduce tension and misunderstandings. We also accepted offers of assistance and delegated tasks accordingly which saved a lot of stress and allowed people to feel involved in our big day.

Quick Tips from the Bride:
  •  Try to choose a venue and theme which reflects you both as a couple. Our guests loved our venue simply because it reflected our personalities of being laid back and relaxed.
    Don’t go overboard with the guest list. You have such limited time at the venue and you never remember who exactly you saw on the day, so make sure the people you do invite are special to you.
    Instagram and pinterest are your friends. I found my dress designer on Instagram and all my decor ideas were from Pinterest. There are a large number of vendors who now advertise on these platforms and once you start following people, you will start receiving related vendors as suggestions.
    Don’t go for honeymoon straight away. You are going to be so exhausted from the planning and the excitement and stress of the day; the last thing you want to do is to try and hop in a car/plane for a long haul trip that you may just sleep through.
  • Try before you buy: visit a dress shop to try on different dresses before booking in for a wedding dress. Go to the restaurant where you plan to have your reception so that you can see the service and taste the food and it also gives you an opportunity to see the decorations displayed in a similar set up.
  • We mixed both our cultures and traditions and came up with a wedding uniquely ours. The worst thing we allowed was to be affected by other people’s last minute “suggestions” and opinions of what we should have done when it was all too late.


Our Favourite Vendors:

Wedding Cake: Colour Drama Cakes
Balloon Wall: Balloon A’More 
Celebrant: Angela Finn 
Photography: Tealily Photography
Entertainment: Maurice Dal Santo from Macarthur Entertainment
Reception Dress: Misch B Couture
Lehenga, Saree and Sherwani: Ajunta’s in Malaysia
Henna Artist: Rubz Henna 


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