Australia meets England

Australia meets England

Australia meets England

We are so delighted to be sharing this little love story submitted by, Shivnita. Make sure to check out how magical her photos turned out below!

I am originally from Sydney and moved to London 5 years ago, where I met my now husband within my first year of moving here. When I first made the move from Sydney, I originally thought I’d be here for 2 years, and 5 years later I never thought I’d get married here. Our love story began in the summer of 2015. By chance, we both happened to attend the same event at the ‘Jazz Café’ in London. The event was ‘Hip-Hop karaoke’, and I first noticed Dinesh when he got up and performed on stage in front of hundreds of people.

After his performance, Dinesh made his way to the bar. It was at this moment he first laid his eyes on me and he knew he had to speak to me! Within moments he made his way over, some banter was exchanged, and after discovering a mutual love of food, travel and music (and of course hip-hop karaoke), the rest as they say, is history!

In May 2018, Dinesh flew me over to the Greek island of Santorini, where he organised a magical proposal in the lesser well known town of Imerovigli. Set amidst a backdrop of clear blue skies and sweeping views of the Aegean Sea, Dinesh was confident there was no way I could refuse!

Fast-forward 4 years on from when we met, Dinesh & I have amassed so many beautiful memories together. From holding hands under the Northern Lights, to skiing in the Alps, snorkelling in Sri-Lanka, watching the ball drop in New York City, and quad biking on the Greek islands, we have both travelled the world and have experienced many new things together.

Wedding planning was the hardest part of my journey, I moved here with no family and our cultural backgrounds are so different. I am Fijian-Indian and my husband is half Malayali/ half Sri Lankan, so not only was it hard to decide on a location, the kind of ceremony we wanted to have was also a challenge, as I had no family to help me with a Fijian Indian type of wedding ceremony.When we first discussed where to get married we both needed to come to a compromise as we knew either side of the family may miss out due to the vast distance from Sydney to London. To top it off, being a Sydney-sider in London, I had limited knowledge on who the big players were in the wedding industry there.

We planned the whole wedding ourselves and decided on London as the ideal location in the end. We got married in July 2019 in a beautiful temple in north London ( a mix of Indian/Sri-Lankan wedding) followed by our Civil wedding and Reception the following day in a beautiful Manor House in the English Country side. We had the whole the whole manor house to ourselves where our guests were able to stay the night.

Photography: Signature Media
Outfit: Mongasuk
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

We would like to thank Shivnita for sharing her special day with us. Drop us an email if you would also like to be featured in Saffron Weddings’ Real Weddings

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