Bhava & Jasmeet

Our love story:

Jasmeet and I met five years ago through mutual friends. Initially, we had no connection or bond and went our own ways..never did we think we would be marrying one another haha! Our chemistry began when i was travelling to Sri-Lanka and India with our mutual friends and Jasmeet decided to join us last minute on our vacation (must have been destiny). We both had no idea we would be meeting each other again in Goa. As we were travelling around Goa, Rajasthan, Mumbai & Delhi and of course the Taj Mahal – we started to develop a liking for one another, but nothing had blossomed then..
Whilst we were heading back to Australia, Jasmeet was kind enough to bring my extra luggage (aka all the shopping I had done in India as it didn’t fit in my 30 kg checked-in baggage). We caught up for coffee and chatted away. The chemistry was brewing and so we kept meeting up on multiple occasions. He always brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other and the rest is now history..
We had a full week of madness, lots of laughter, a bit of liver damage and most importantly a celebration of our love . Both our family members, all international guests and friends made this wedding a memorable journey we will cherish for a lifetime. #Bhavmeetshermatch

Bhav & Jasmeet

Bhav & Jasmeet

Bhav & JasmeetBhav & Jasmeet

Bhav & JasmeetBhav & Jasmeet

Bhav & JasmeetBhav & Jasmeet

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We would like to thank Bhavna for sharing her special day with us. Would you like to be featured in Saffron Weddings’ Real Weddings ? Drop us an email at

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