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Australia meets England

Australia meets England We are so delighted to be sharing this little love story submitted by, Shivnita. Make sure to check out how magical her photos turned out below! I am originally from Sydney and moved to London 5 years ago, where I met my now husband within my first year of moving here. When I first made the move from Sydney, I originally thought

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Dusk ’til Dawn – Perth Collaboration

Dusk 'til Dawn "Dear Melanin, As children, those not of this skin, made it seem that we had to hate you. As we got older, we realized that the skin we’re in was quite special you see. This skin so magical, a creation that the creator himself took his precious time to manifest. So royal is this skin that the moon bows, the stars twinkle, and the sun dares to

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Bhavna & Jasmeet – Melbourne, VIC

Bhava & Jasmeet Our love story:   Jasmeet and I met five years ago through mutual friends. Initially, we had no connection or bond and went our own ways..never did we think we would be marrying one another haha! Our chemistry began when i was travelling to Sri-Lanka and India with our mutual friends and Jasmeet decided to join us last minute on our

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Prash & Vini – Sydney, NSW

Prash & Vini's proposal and engagement Prashilta fills us in on all the details of her fairytale proposal... How did you both meet? On 20th of May 2015,  Vini and I were both studying in the library during exam period. I got up to get a Boost juice with my friend when Vini ran up behind me and asked me out for coffee. Apparently, he had told the whole

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Japleen’s Bridal Journal – Perth, WA

???????'? ?????? ??????? Perth Bride, Japleen, shares special moments and some finer details from her big day in August 2018.

Jason Soon Photography (Edward Lim and Jason Soon) attended to capture their first ever Sikh wedding. Japleen says, "My homework for them involved writing a 13-page document explaining every little detail expected to

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Classic Radiance by Maharaasi Diaries

Classic Radiance A shoot organised for Saffron Weddings by Maharaasi Diaries. Editorial written by Nishitha from Maharaasi Diaries I had the pleasure of working together with Yamuna from Saffron Weddings to put together two Bridal Shoots. In case you missed it, here's our first North-Indian Style shoot - Regal Romance. Here is our second shoot, based

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Regal Romance by Maharaasi Diaries

Regal Romance A shoot organised for Saffron Weddings by Maharaasi Diaries. Editorial written by Nishitha from Maharaasi Diaries I had the pleasure of working together with Saffron Weddings to put together two Bridal photoshoots. Here is our first shoot, based on the North Indian style. This shoot gave me the opportunity to play bride for a day and it was

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