Indians weddings in Australia

The Ultimate Lockdown Wedding Planning Guide

There is no longer a common sight when arranging grand weddings, but there is also no reason to delay marriage with your beloved during the lockdown. You have the option to go with the mini-wedding that contains only 10 to 15 guests, who are extremely close to the bride and groom, or you can arrange a micro-wedding with 50 guests. All you need is to follow

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Top 5 Free Websites for Your Wedding

With each passing day, technology takes over almost everything. Wedding websites are not a new concept, but a great wedding website is still not readily available. Recently some new and revamped wedding websites have started making waves. These websites have a lot to offer, from a beautiful design to handy tools, making them highly enticing than we could

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Top 5 Indian wedding venues in Sydney

A splendid wedding with a veritable venue that makes each tiny moment memorable and sublime is a dream-come-true for most couples. Divine destinations for heavenly marriages, Sydney is perfect with its own poetical charm and sunshine beaches. Whether it be a Christian, Punjabi, Sikh, or a traditional Hindu wedding, the well-kept magic of Sydney is

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indian bride sitting on swing

Australia meets England

Australia meets England We are so delighted to be sharing this little love story submitted by, Shivnita. Make sure to check out how magical her photos turned out below! I am originally from Sydney and moved to London 5 years ago, where I met my now husband within my first year of moving here. When I first made the move from Sydney, I originally thought

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Dusk ’til Dawn – Perth Collaboration

Dusk 'til Dawn "Dear Melanin, As children, those not of this skin, made it seem that we had to hate you. As we got older, we realized that the skin we’re in was quite special you see. This skin so magical, a creation that the creator himself took his precious time to manifest. So royal is this skin that the moon bows, the stars twinkle, and the sun dares to

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