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The Ultimate Lockdown Wedding Planning Guide

There is no longer a common sight when arranging grand weddings, but there is also no reason to delay marriage with your beloved during the lockdown. You have the option to go with the mini-wedding that contains only 10 to 15 guests, who are extremely close to the bride and groom, or you can arrange a micro-wedding with 50 guests. All you need is to follow

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Classic Radiance by Maharaasi Diaries

Classic Radiance A shoot organised for Saffron Weddings by Maharaasi Diaries. Editorial written by Nishitha from Maharaasi Diaries I had the pleasure of working together with Yamuna from Saffron Weddings to put together two Bridal Shoots. In case you missed it, here's our first North-Indian Style shoot - Regal Romance. Here is our second shoot, based

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Bridal Blouse Trends for 2018

There are some pretty trendy styles emerging in the fashion world in 2018. So, why should your wedding outfit be any different? Here are some of our favourite blouse designs that will change your saree/ lehenga game forever! 1. The Cape Blouse: The cape blouse trend started way back in the 1850's and provide a stylish twist to the traditional blouse. Marry

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