Common Wedding Ceremony Mistakes

Common Wedding Ceremony Mistakes

There are a lot of wedding ceremony mistakes that are easy to make, so be sure to keep things in mind when you are preparing for your wedding day. Traditionally, the wedding ceremonies were all the same, without even varying much other than the faith or the cultural practice. However, nowadays, you need to fulfil different themes and formalities. Due to this reason, the wedding ideas are becoming increasingly acceptable to create the wedding ceremony according to the dreams – one that is unique yet personalized to their relationship. Nowadays, most celebrants are entirely on board, and they focus on coordinating the couple’s desire to have their ceremony in a way they always wanted. It is not only the couple’s day, but is also a new start to their love life and the beginning of their fresh moments they will cherish for long, so if you want to forgo any of the traditional aspects of the weddings, do not hesitate. If you want your wedding day to be special as you have always dreamed of, then here are the most common mistakes that the wedding celebrants recommend avoiding at any cost.

Not encouraging guests to find their seats.

You need to know that wedding ceremony have their starting times for a reason, and even if most of your guests are present, it is important to have your celebrant encourage them to have their seats. Sometimes, guests are not sure what to do, so as a result, they end up standing until the very end of the ceremony, all because of the confusion they have. You need to know that this small, overlooked detail can cause a considerable awkwardness for some, create irritation, and potentially even throw off the joyous liveliness of the moment.

Not asking the guests to turn off their mobile phones.

Today, almost everyone, no matter if it is a seven-year-old cousin of yours or an 85-years-old grandfather, they have a mobile phone with them. It is essential to ask your guests to turn off their mobile phones when the ceremony begins; otherwise, it can divert the attention of everyone in case the bell rings in between the ongoing rituals. Even though they should know not to leave their mobile phones on ringer mode, you can ask your wedding celebrants to make a detailed announcement, but be sure to add some funny statements. A new idea that is gaining immense popularity nowadays is to have an unplugged ceremony, which involves putting the sign at the entrance where the guests can walk in a while, putting their mobile phones on silent.

Wedding Ceremony Mistakes
Wedding Ceremony Mistakes

Not preparing the rings on time.

Most of the time, it happens with the wedding celebrant – they find out that some couples have not adequately prepared their rings for the ceremony, which causes unusual delays. Make sure to double-check the rings, remove them from any additional or excessive packing or the outer boxes, and let the diamonds shine for the ceremony. During the ceremony, you don’t want to wait to take your rings out of the boxes and struggle to remove the price tags, so it always helps to prepare the rings on time.

Not making way for the first married kiss

It is undoubtedly the most intimate moment in the entire wedding ceremony, so make sure, as a couple, you take centre stage without any celebrant nearby disturbing your moment. You can make a request to your wedding celebrant even before the wedding ceremony, so they can move aside immediately after announcing – “you may kiss your bride”. Understandably, this does not apply to all South Asian cultures.

Not focusing the wedding ceremony on the couples.

A nonspecific ceremony is for everyone, but when it comes to a special day, same as the wedding ceremony, adding the personalized effects can make a complete difference. Always remember to arrange the ceremony so that the guests can understand the couples better throughout the ongoing traditions. It allows them to truly understand the reasons why the couple has decided to make a huge commitment to each other through the way they express their love. They need to show some emotions, and the next chapter of their life should be visible with their emotions, so make sure to share the same details with the wedding celebrants.

wedding ceremony mistakes
wedding ceremony mistakes

Not looking at each other when the wedding ceremony goes on.

When the ceremony goes on, it is very easy to look at the celebrant, but you need to remember, as a couple, that the ceremony looks beautiful when you look towards each other. It is among the greatest memory and unforgettable moments of your lives when you make promises that cultivate all of those feelings you have been building throughout your time together. Always remember, looking into each other’s eyes should not be an awkward moment, but you can make it special by holding hands and focusing on each other. When you glare with love towards each other, the onlookers always admire the moment, and it looks beautiful.

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