Do’s and Don'ts When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding day holds a distinct place in everybody’s heart. However, it will come and go, and you will only be left with a few memories. To best preserve these memories, it is always better to invest in a good wedding photographer.

You do select every perfect thing for your wedding, from the wedding dress to the decoration. Have all perfect for your special day, but what if you don’t hire a good wedding photographer? You will regret it years later in your life. Photos and shoots are going to be the memories that you can hold in your hands and can show to your grandchildren. Thus, it’s important to dedicate some time to choose a wedding photographer and his core competencies and artistic approach.

Do Ask About the Photography Style

To get the style you want, it is important for you to know which style does your photographer have. However, before doing that, you both should decide what type of photography looks you are interested in; are they dark toning, natural colors, or pastel shades? You can look at the pictures on any social media platform to decide this. Scroll and save the ones that clicked your heart, then choose out of your saved items. Go with that photographer who can give you the same aesthetics as you have selected.

Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer

Don’t Go with A Cheaper Wedding Photographer

Limiting yourself on the budget aspect is the worst thing couples do nowadays. You know, this way, you can ruin your special day memories. But how to know what is the right way to spend the optimal prices? The hard work and skills of a photographer are important factors in shaping a budget. The amount you spend on your wedding photographer should reflect how you value them. Invest a bit more for better style and editing of your pictures. Believe it’ll be worth it!

Do Ask for Consistency

One underestimated and ignored feature, the consistency. It’s normal to be taken aback while viewing wedding photographs. However, if the clarity of photographs is inconsistent across a whole wedding, the wedding day, and pre-wedding rituals, the purpose is squandered. For each occasion, you’d want to see the photoshoot with the same level of photography. Look how his or her photos for day and night occasions turn out.

DON’T Decide After Seeing Reviews

Choosing your wedding photographer solely on the basis of reviews without checking their overall portfolio and style is such stupidity. Nowadays, businesses are smart enough to add fake reviews on their site just for the sake of more clients. After seeing their portfolio and their style, select the photographer to get your perfect wedding shot. Moreover, focusing on their work quality and experience as an experienced photographers must have better editing skills.

Do Make a Thorough Action Plan

A multitude of elements, such as the location you pick and the season of the year, will have an impact on your wedding photos. If you have particular images planned, which include sunset views or a fireworks photo, you must talk to your photographer about them. The wedding photographer will often perform pre-wed shoots to assist you. This way he/she will know the style of photographs you want. It simplifies and accelerates the photo-taking procedure on your wedding day.

DON’T Base Your Decision on Their Personality

Try not to be bothered if a photographer is young or old, fashionable, fancy, etc. While these are obvious characteristics to detect straight away, none of them will have an influence on your final result or your experiences with them, so concentrate on their performance and work quality instead. You may assume another person’s result based on their personal preferences; however, you can’t assume someone’s hard work.

Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer

Do Meet Your Wedding Photographer in Person

You know you’ll be spending most of your time getting the best shots? However, it’s important to know your wedding photographer in person. If feasible, meet the photographer in real ahead of your wedding to assist you in establishing a connection. If you don’t live near each other or can’t arrange to meet, make a Zoom or Skype call – it’ll be awkward at first, but it’ll be worth the effort. Give the photographer as much data as possible regarding the style and atmosphere of your wedding. This will offer everyone an idea of whether it’s a good fit or not.

Don’t Hire a Busy Photographer

Do you find your photographer in a hurry on the phone? Or does he/she never pick up or respond to your calls/messages? These are the indications of a busy photographer. You might ignore such signs; however, you will regret it later. The busiest person is likely to make mistakes in the quality of the work. Thus, it is better to go with those who respond on time and are always ready to solve your queries as this shows dedication towards their work.

Do Write a Personalized Mail

Don’t be scared to communicate your requirements and priorities to your wedding photographer. In their initial discussion or mail, a lot of brides/couples don’t disclose enough information. Share your views about how you’re looking forward to your wedding. Make sure your email isn’t just another one in his or her inbox. A wedding photographer who really only works on a few wedding projects each month or year may make a significant impact.


Photography is vital, and it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime expense, so hire the finest and do everything you can to obtain the greatest wedding images and story possible. Hire someone you can believe, whose style and expertise you admire, and then sit back and relax for the rest of the day. When you receive an album of your wedding day after the event, you will realize how beneficial it was and how thankful you are for hiring the right wedding photographer.

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