Fun ideas to propose to your bridesmaids

Fun ideas to propose to your bridesmaids

Have you agreed to get married? Now it’s time to as your best friends to become a faithful bridesmaid. The part of planning a bridesmaid proposal is such fun! However, you’re thinking about how to do it? Sure, you could just text them, but it isn’t a fun idea that would excite you or your gang. Instead, prepping up something for them is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. SO, why not do it in an artistic way? Right! You can ask them anywhere, anytime. Just don’t do it before the wedding shower. Because your friend deserves a surprise.

If you don’t know how to ask your friend to be their bridesmaid, we have collected the most stunning bridesmaid proposal ideas that would help you!

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaid Proposal 

Bridesmaids Proposal Box

Why not offer your bridesmaids a complete basket of bridesmaid treats rather than picking just one thing for them? These sophisticated and exquisite boxes are unquestionably the most common approach for planning a bridesmaid proposal. That means there’s a package for every type of bridesmaid and every budget.

Spa Products

It’s not easy being a bridesmaid! There’s a lot of stuff going on, from wedding preparation to bridal gown try-on, hair consultations, and the bridal shower! This thoughtful present will keep them stress-free and calm during the bridesmaid experience. Just write ‘will be my bridesmaid on one of the spa products and have fun to see your dearest girl’s reaction to such a lovely bridesmaid proposal.

Bridesmaid Proposal

Spa Products And Have Fun

Custom Totes & Bags

What a unique bridesmaid proposal idea! With a simple, personalized item, ask your best friends to join your wedding celebration. Traditional totes, acrylic clutches, cosmetics boxes, and more are among the options available. It’s ideal for all of your girls’ makeup stuff, particularly for gearing up for the wedding.


How much pleasure would it be to gather your girlfriends, serve a round of drinks, and then have them search for the unique message inscribed on the side of stylish glasses? A customized glass, coffee mug, or water bottle, available in a number of styles, is one of the greatest bridesmaid proposal ideas.

Bridesmaid Gifts

A unique personalized gift box would also be a good idea. In such a box, you can include anything that would help them be a perfect rescuer when any problem arises on the wedding day. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of buying different products, our ResQ essential kit will make a perfect gift for a bridesmaid proposal. You can buy it here at!

Bridesmaid Scratch-Off 

Are you searching for a unique method to throw your bridesmaid proposal? Scratch cards are a lovely and timeless solution! On Etsy, there are many different designs to choose from, so select one that fits your personality.

Bridesmaid Scratch-Off

Searching For A Unique Method


A thoughtful present for any lady and is ideal for a bridesmaid proposal. Simple and individualized accessories like a chain or bracelet are the ideal pieces. Any item with their initials will be a hit with your bridesmaids, and they will be comfortable wearing it over and over again. For durability, we suggest using a hard metal like silver or gold.

Use one of these creative bridesmaid proposal ideas to ask your best friends to marry you, and you’ll get a resounding yes.

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