Fun Wedding Week Activities for You and Your Guests

Fun Wedding Week Activities for You and Your Guests

Undoubtedly, a wedding is all about creating a strong bond between you and your partner, but despite that, the goal of wedding planning is to take out all the details so you can enjoy your big day. Planning your ceremony and reception is often the number one priority that comes to your mind, but the social atmosphere around can enhance the wedding experience even better. When you incorporate social activities and events to blend the same with your big day, you can offer your guests a chance to meet and create new bonds. All you need is to create a list of fun wedding week activities to ensure that everyone walks away with new memories, friends, and a renewed sense of community. These activities work great to help everyone present in your wedding enjoy the celebration, from the day they arrive at your wedding venue to the final hours of the reception.

Brewery, wine, or a bar crawl

There is not any better way to encourage everyone to have fun than a self-led brewery, winery, or bar tour, so while adding these ideas, you can show off your wedding location. You can even get your guests talking when you gather them at your favourite spot for an evening drink. You can even spice up the evening by gathering your guests at the dance-friendly bar or club so they can have fun to the end till the party is going on.

Local business scavenger hunt

You can focus on creating a relaxing environment – it can be a book store, cafe, restaurant, museum, or coffee shop, where your guests can explore, chat, and purchase souvenirs. It creates a fun-loving environment for your guests, and you can gather them for the small talks, fun or entertainment around.

Life update slideshow party

When you bring together a group of people who haven’t seen each other in all these years can enhance the fun and entertainment even better. You can ask the group to share their amazing life moments with each other, and it can be a fun activity that one can consider to have fun all around. Each person can create a summarised slideshow for their past few year or entire lives, which presents a set amount of time to the group. While the idea can be daunting, a simple slideshow takes only a few minutes, and the outcomes you get are hilarious.

Wedding fun ideas

Multicultural potluck party

You can bring together everyone involved in your wedding with a cross-cultural potluck – it is where each person brings an item or snack that represents a part of their culture they love the most. You can add a family favourite meal, an ethnic snack staple, or food that most of your guests cherish – don’t leave any moment to be boring. When you do this, people from different parts of your lives mix, mingle and befriend one another – that too in a better way.

Group hiking, boating, or biking

Take your celebration into nature by organizing a time and place to meet when you can have fun with your outdoor adventure spot nearby – for starters, you can plan for a different trip. It can be rafting, boating, hiking, or biking trip in and around cities with natural lakes, mountains, or oceans around.

Shared meal

The simplest things are always timeless, so whether there is a free day in your wedding week or you only have one morning to plan something before the ceremony, you can go with setting up a date and time for a shared meal. You can invite your close ones together for the shared meal; it will allow everyone to enhance their bond even better. With the conversation and a united meal, the guests can overcome their nervousness of interacting with each other, so don’t spare any moment to bring everyone together.

Hire a wedding planner in Blue Mountains for activities

If you feel like you have planned enough to do between the ceremony and reception, then for a new turn, you can go for a tour or activity that your wedding planners can help you to organize. You can consider walking tours, restaurant tours, cafe shops tours, museum tours, or art gallery tours. Even better, you can go with some adventurous tours, coffee-roasting tours, exploring nature tours, and more. Considering your budget, you can choose a suitable date and time for the tour and share the complete details with your guests who are interested in joining those tours.

Fun wedding activities

There are enormous fun wedding week activities that you can arrange for your guests, and to enhance your entertainment list, you can add their ideas as well. These will keep everyone present at your wedding venue completely engaged, so let your guests have all the fun no matter the activities you want to organize. Have all the fun and entertainment that you otherwise can miss – plan your day in the way you want, and Saffron Weddings can help you make it a success.

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