How to Choose A Wedding Theme For Your Special Day?

How to Choose A Wedding Theme For Your Special Day?

Rustic, seaside, white wedding – you must have seen a few wedding themes when looking for inspiration or attending weddings of your friends or relatives. But, according to our perception, a wedding theme needs to be more than just decorating the interiors or going with the trend. So, if you are still not sure about a suitable wedding theme yet, take some gathered ideas and just visualize how those thoughts will look like at your wedding day venue. Just think how the venue will look like? How your guests will feel as they walk into the venue? What kind of perception are you trying to express to your guests attending your wedding ceremony? We help you imagine your dream wedding theme even further, so make sure you have definite ideas and inspiration that you can implement for your wedding theme.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Perfect Theme for your Wedding Day

Your wedding theme is an ideal chance to make your special day an accurate reflection of you and your partners’ style, so don’t forget to consider as many thoughts as you can. When choosing your theme, you need to take some time to think about how you will want to remember that day. You can count on websites, interests, weddings, or magazines to get inspiration, but in the end, your theme needs to represent your taste. You can include elements that symbolize your personality, but make sure all of the particulars join together in perfect accord, just like the two of you.

It is important to choose a wedding theme that you are going to love, but you also need to consider how well the theme is going to blend with your venue. Just think, when you will go through your wedding album ten or twenty years later, will you look at those photos with pleasure and the same excitement? Are those photos going to bring you back to the same moment? Or, is it possible that you will regret the type of theme you are going with your wedding venue during those times? That is why it is essential to go for the theme that speaks about you and describe your personality, in spite of what other people think or recommend you for your wedding.

wedding theme
Wedding day theme

If you are having some difficulty picking up the right wedding theme ideas, you can even hire professional wedding planners who can help you choose the right one. Or, you can even discuss with your partner and ask the following questions to get on the same track –

  • How were you dreaming your wedding day since childhood?
  • Have you been to any weddings that actually have amazed you with all the decorations?
  • How do you want to experience as you walk down the aisle?
  • How do you want your guests to experience when they visit your venue?
  • What type of story do you want to communicate through details and overall decorations?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you can think about the right way to decide on the wedding theme that is specific to both of you. Every year, different trends emerge for the best weddings, and you don’t have to go with the ongoing trends just because they are in style. It can deliver enormous help when you use a colour palette for your dream wedding theme – you never know your exclusive style might even encourage other couples.


When you are going to get married to boho brides, make sure you are ready to say “I Do” in a personalized bohemian style, and the moment can become even outstanding with the venue adorning elegant decorations. It includes decorative pillows, hanging elements, oriental rugs, and the entire theme can enhance your wedding day even better when you go with a bohemian-style wedding dress.

dream wedding theme
Bohemian style wedding

Rustic country theme

When you go with this theme, you actually choose a dynamic idea; even if you don’t live near a farm, you can still bring the same country feel with the seats and tables around. You can get a wedding cake featuring cowboys, horses, or a country BBQ marriage technique, so go with a rustic chic theme that features a decorated shelter. All you need is to add country music that is going to keep everyone on their feet when they are attending your wedding ceremony.

wedding theme ideas
Rustic Style Wedding

Fairy tale theme

Most couples prefer to have a Cinderella-style wedding – the theme is still very alive, and it makes everyone present in the wedding feel like a prince and princess. The presence of horse-drawn carriages, music, wedding gown all speaks royalty glam, and the Disney songs make the entire day stand out.

wedding theme ideas
Fairy tale wedding

Beach Theme

A beach theme will keep everyone amazed, so you can consider a lake, ocean, sea, or river, but make sure to go with the decoration ideas that make your entire space stand out. You can work with the details like starfish, sandcastles, and seashells that enhance the look and make the entire venue look elegantly amazing. The beautiful elements are ideal for a beach wedding, whether you use them as centrepieces, decorations, or adding details. Floral arrangements are going to bring your destination wedding at the beach alive, so don’t miss any chance to make the entire venue personalized as you can.

wedding theme ideas
Beach style wedding

We are sure you can pull a wedding theme that suits your taste, so keep all your wedding planning to-do list with you when you give your ideas for a perfect theme wedding. It helps also help wedding planners to get inspiration regarding themes, but always stay in touch with your wedding planners when it comes to adding a personalized touch to the venue.

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