Latchmi & Kunal – Sydney, NSW


Introducing Latchmi…

I was born in Fiji but have been living in Australia since I was 4 years old. I’m a Fijian-Indian of South Indian descent so we follow the culture and traditions from South India.  But we speak Hindi at home because in Fiji, not many people speak/ understand Tamil. I come from a big family and I am the only girl in my family (yes, I am a princess!). My current lifestyle is hands on because I work full-time, I study part-time (completing my bachelor’s degree) and I’m planning the wedding! Apart from being busy, I make time to watch Indian TV serials, Bollywood and Tollywood movies. I also love making desserts whenever I get the chance to.



and her Prince in shining armour…

Kunal was born in Fiji and moved to New Zealand when he was 6. He  spent most of his childhood and early adolescence there before moving to Australia when he was 16. Kunal comes from a pretty big family with lots and lots of cousins (it’s really easy to get lost or forget a few names here and there) making every gathering unique and lots of fun. The only challenge is that there is no such thing as a ‘small party’. He currently works and keeps busy outside of work by watching shows, movies, walking around shopping centres, and generally waiting for Latchmi to spend time with me (She definitely has more of a full on schedule)



How did you both meet? 

We started talking on social media and met at university. When we first met, we both felt this special connection (like what you see in Bollywood movies) and knew that we’ll have a special relationship. We didn’t think that we’ll be a couple after a few dates but I guess when the time is right, everything falls into place.

The unforgettable moment…

We were on a morning drive to Canberra for Kunal’s friend’s engagement party decided to go to the Botanical Gardens after lunch. Once we arrived at this hotel, Kunal waited for his “friend” to come and receive us. After a few minutes, this guy walks out and he blind folds me; at this moment I was like what one earth is happening?! I am being kidnapped?! Both the guy and Kunal guide me into a lift and when we got to the roof top, the guy opened the blind fold and I saw Kunal standing there. I was so shocked and surprised that I started crying! Walking towards Kunal, there were rose pedals on the ground with candles making a pathway to him. Our favourite song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor was playing and everything was so magical!

Kunal had planned the proposal exactly the way I imagined and the ring is just stunning! I still can’t believe how perfect that night was!

The official registration ceremony/engagement party was held with family and friends at the Durgai Amman Temple in Regents Park. Latchmi was kind enough to share with us her selection of vendors for her big day.


Our favourite vendors:

Why we chose our vendors: 

Ring: James Allen is the perfect website for guys with no knowledge on rings! They allow you to look at real 360o life photos of diamonds and settings before buying, as well as free resizing and exchanges. The best thing about them is that they are easily $1000 cheaper than the big brands for the same quality. Make sure to buy early!

Makeup and Hair: Gather and Stitch Beauty – I’ve been using Gather and Stitch since my 21st and I just love them because their style is exactly what I want. They never fail to make me look amazing for my events! I can’t wait for them to glam me up for the Hindu wedding next year.

Henna: Henna by Payal– I love Payal’s work and her henna stain. She did exactly what I wanted for my engagement henna and I can’t wait to have her again for the Hindu wedding!

Cake: Alpaca’s Bakery – Alpana did an amazing job with our cake! We both love her flavour and the details of her cakes.

Photography: Kamz Photography – Kamal and his team are amazing to work with. Their work is fabulous and we can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

Outfit: Shree Designer Saree– I’ve purchased a few outfits from them before so decided to go with them again. They made a custom-made lehenga for my engagement to perfection only via communication with Whatsapp!

Dj: DJ Brtix– Yash is an amazing DJ! He’s music rocked the dance floor and we’re so glad that we got him.

Latchmi and Kunal

What tip would you like to share with other brides?

The best tip I can give future brides is to plan as much as you can! We started planning right after our proposal, which gave us around 5 months of planning for the wedding registration. As the time gets closer to the date, you will realise that you’ve forgotten things. Thankfully that didn’t happen for us because we planned it, made a checklist and ticked it as things we done. Make sure you allocate tasks to your family so on the day of the event, both bride and groom don’t have to worry about anything. For our wedding next year, we’ve confirmed the venue, the dates and our vendors. We started booking them in for next year in March this year and if we didn’t, then I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to select the vendors we wanted.


We would like to thank Latchmi for sharing her special day with us. Would you like to be featured in Saffron Weddings’ Real Weddings ? Drop us an email at [email protected]

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