Vegelicious Cake by Ririn

Vegelicious Cake by Ririn

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Cake & sweet Menu 2020
Chocolate hazelnuts sponge layered with chocolate ganache, wafers, and chocolate hazelnuts buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache and hazelnuts.
Coconut almond sponge cake, layers in white chocolate coconuts almond buttercream, wafers, covered in almond praline crush and white chocolate. Available in gluten free as well.
The Toblerone
Chocolate almond sponge layered with chocolate buttercream, honeycomb and almond, covered in chocolate ganache and almond. Available in vanilla sponge and white choc.
Death by Choc
Choc sponge cake with choc chip, layers in choc ganache and choc buttercream covered in choc ganache. Tops with choc leaves and pieces.
The Black Forrest
Chocolate sponge cake layered with cherries and cream (vegan), covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate flakes.
Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate sponge, layered with chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate dust and signature chocolate leaves.
Cookies and Cream
Three flavors of sponge cake, chocolate, oreo, and vanilla, layered with chocolate ganache, oreo buttercream, oreo crunch, and covered in chocolate ganache.
Candy comb.
A choice of vanilla sponge cake or a chocholate cake. Layers in vegan honeycomb with choc cream, covered in candy flavors buttercream and tops with meringue and fruits.
Rasberry cream cheese
Vanilla cake layered with rasberry cream cheese (using rasberry purree and vegan cheese), deciccated coconuts, covered with nuts (optional) and fruits.
The Red Velvet
Red velvet sponge layered with vanilla cream cheese, deciccated coconuts, and nuts (optional).
Summer Bliss
Vanilla sponge with custard, vanilla mousse and fruits pieces (strawberries, berries, grapes and other seasonal fruits such as mango) in between layers. Covered in vanilla mousse and fruits
Coffee sponge soaked with coffee liquer layered with coffee mousse, covered in chocolate ganache or chocolate dust.
Matcha Tiramisu
Green tea sponge layered with green tea (matcha) mousse, covered in chocolate ganache and matcha chocolate flakes.
The Rainbow
Six layers vanilla sponge cake in rainbow colours, layered with vanilla cream. (Not available in small size cake)
Pandan cake
Pandan sponge layered with pandan custard, nuts, deccicated coconuts, and pandan buttercream.
Durian Cake
Durian sponge, with Durian custard layers, and Durian mousse.
Strawberry pistachio
Straberry sponge layers with postachio cream cheese.
Caramel crunch
Caramel flavours sponge, with caramel buttercream, layers in crunchy biscuits, and top with caramel ganache.
Rocky Road
Choc sponge layers in choc ganache and choc buttercream. Marshmallow added in between layers, top with choc ganache and rocky road choc pieces.
Pina Colada
Pinapple and coconut sponge, layers in white chocolate ganache infused in malibu, pinapple pieces, malibu and rum buttercream. And covered in malibu and rum buttercream.
Ferrero cupcakes
Chocolate hazelnuts cup cake filled with wafers inside and iced in hazelnuts buttercream, drizzle with chocolate ganache
Cookies and cream
Vanilla Oreo cupcake iced with oreo buttercream.
Pandan cupcakes
Pandan cupcake filled with pandan custard inside and iced with pandan buttercream
Matcha chocochip
Green tea with chocolate chips cupcake iced in green tea buttercream drizzle in chccolate ganache.
Pistachio cupcakes
Pistachio flavor cupcake with pistachio gound and maraschino cherries pieces iced in pistachio buttercream.
Death by chocolate
Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips, filled with chocolate ganache sauce, iced in chcocolate buttercream and drizzle in chocolate flakes.
Rocky road.
Chocolate cupcakes with hint of almond flavours. Top with choc ganache and choc buttercream and rocky road choc.
Pina Colada
Pinapple and coconut sponge cupcakes top with rum and malibu buttercream.
Fruit Tart
Crunchy base tart and coconut tart base, filled with vanilla custard top in fruits pieces.
Prices and size
Small cake (10 – 12 serves) $60,
Medium (20 to 22 serves) $80,
Large (30 serves) $100
For special occasions where extra ordinary decoration needed please enquiries the price and size of the cake.
Cup cake for 12 pcs $40 min order 12 pcs
Fruit Tart for 12 pcs $55 min order 12 pcs
Macaron $2 each



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