Prash & Vini - Sydney, NSW

Prash & Vini – Sydney, NSW

Prash & Vini’s proposal and engagement

Prashilta fills us in on all the details of her fairytale proposal…

How did you both meet?

On 20th of May 2015,  Vini and I were both studying in the library during exam period. I got up to get a Boost juice with my friend when Vini ran up behind me and asked me out for coffee. Apparently, he had told the whole library that he was going to ask me out so he didn’t want to miss his opportunity. I honestly thought he was joking and asked him to come get a Boost juice with me instead. He built up the courage to say no and said he was serious about the coffee – so I agreed. That evening we went out for our first coffee and the rest in history.

Tell us about the proposal…

At the time, Vini was working for Oracle, which was just around the corner from Macquarie University. He told me that his work was holding a corporate event at Uni and that I had to be there to support him! I didn’t think much of the event, but my friends – Sanjuta and Sivanthee were adamant to help me buy a nice outfit for this event, so they took me shopping and even forced me to get my chipped nail fixed.

When I arrived at Uni, Vini told me to park my car and not long after, I saw Vini’s best friends Jerome and Deshan pull up in a Range Rover. I didn’t think much of it because we’ve all attended work events together and I knew Vini would like them to be there for support as well. They both helped me in to the car and when I asked them where we are going, they both had nothing to say. Soon we started going off-road and that’s when I started to get suspicious. We parked and not long after I got out of the car, Jerome and Deshan told me to look up and smile at a drone (Videographed by Praz) and to follow it. ( Video below). As I walked, I saw Vini standing in front of Macquarie Lake, with a beautiful set up, styled by The Little Brown Book. I couldn’t help myself and ran to him (trying not to fall over .. that would’ve been really embarrassing , especially when your every move was being recorded haha).

Following the proposal, Vini had organized both their close families to meet them at Bella Vista Hotel for some drinks and snacks. Prash shares that they were both so happy to share this special moment with their loved ones!

“I was surprised with how well Vini kept the secret and how amazing the whole proposal was! From asking my parents for my hand in marriage, to planning the day together with the help of Little Brown Book and Janani Acca, to having it captured impeccably by Praz with our families and friends by our side, everything was flawless from start to finish!”, says Prash.

The Engagement Ceremony ( Chekni):

“On Sunday, 25th November 2018, the second event of our pre-wedding celebration (Chekni) took place at Vini’s parents’ place. This event symbolized my family presenting an official proposal to Vini’s family without my presence. Following this event, we had the Chekni at my place of February 9th 2019. This ceremony symbolized the acceptance of both families and officiated the wedding festivities.”

Vini and Prash are tying the knot on the 18th of January 2020 and we can’t wait to share the fun from the pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations!



Proposal Set-up: The Little Brown Book

Chekni Set-up: VIP Decorating

Henna: Henna by Payal

Chekni Make-up: Nikki Arora

We would like to thank Prash for sharing her special day with us. Drop us an email if you would also like to be featured in Saffron Weddings’ Real Weddings 

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