Pre-wedding Dinner Setup For Intimate Weddings

Pre-wedding Dinner Setup For Intimate Weddings

Not everyone desires to organize a big, white wedding – instead, they prefer to go with smaller weddings that are recently growing in popularity as people choose to stay close to their loved ones to celebrate any special occasion. With a more intimate guest list, you can entirely focus on creating a personal and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. You might not be aware, but sit-down dinners can add up spice to your intimate weddings, and they are among the most formal and traditional moments to turn the get-together into a special occasion. When you prefer to go with sit-down dinners, it turns out to be a cost-effective choice that adds the needed structure to an event with elegance. While keeping the same thing in mind, you can get an exclusive checklist that features useful tips, reminders, and even the unforgettable fun of arranging a sit-down dinner in style at your desired venue. 

Know the capacity of your space

When following up on a booking inquiry for arranging a sit-down dinner, it would be great to be straightforward regarding how many guests you are inviting and how much space you want it should be there. Instead, with an outdoor space, such as a patio, you can give your guests the needed comfort, but keep in mind to make arrangements for your indoors as well so that you can quickly move inside if the weather does not cooperate. 

Offer different chair and table options.

If your venue does not have the relevant storage area, it is not possible to add different types of tables and chairs style, but it is always good to have at least two options available if one does not work. Ideally, you can go with the long rectangular tables that are extremely large, so you can make the space look better with different styles. Always go with the wooden folding chairs so that when guests want to switch to their own created group, it can become easier for them to do so. 

Decide on assigned or unassigned seating.

Both assigned and unassigned chairs work great when it comes to the sit-down dinners for the closed family members or friends. With assigned seating all over, you actually set up a surprise for them – they get an opportunity to meet new people when they are sitting along with unknown guests. On the contrary, with the unassigned seats, guests choose their own place without going through the hassle of finding their seats that otherwise they have to do with the assigned seats. 

Leave space in between guests.

When you want to maximize your space, it is essential to keep in mind that there should be enough space for the guests to move around freely without even worrying about bumping into each other. Whether they are getting up to switch places or visiting another table, make sure there is enough space they need to gesture and eat comfortably.

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Dinner party for wedding day

Don’t forget about the floor plan.

A detailed floor plan is what needs to be efficient enough to create a well desirable platform – make sure to plan it a few weeks before the event so that you can get enough time to finalize the table positions, chairs, and any extra specifics that can impact the layout.  Further, make sure to tell your wedding vendors to keep some space for entertainment, dance floor so that your guests can have fun when they are enjoying their dinner.

Nature of the event

While sit-down dinners are usually formal and sometimes boring, don’t carry on the same uninteresting thing at your wedding ceremony. Since only the family members and the close family will be invited, you can create a picnic set up for a relaxed vibe or a comfy floor setup for your guests. Ensure the event’s theme is clearly mentioned when you send the invites so that none of the guests feels out of place when they visit the venue.

Guests list

A pre-wedding event lets the guests become more intimate during the ongoing wedding festivities, which can be much better than sharing the joy with your close ones. We suggest you keep the guests list extremely short so that only your close family members, friends, and relatives can keep the atmosphere warmer and intimate.

Decor and lighting

The appropriate decoration and lighting all around can create a pleasing mood for the entire evening, so make sure to add grace with fairy lights and hanging lanterns that enhance the atmosphere. You might not be aware, but a rustic outdoor garden makeover, lamps, and diyas coupled with the colourful pillows are going to add a magical touch to the entire space.

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Food and drinks

A dinner party is incomplete without a spread of decadent food and unlimited cocktails in the most interesting cutleries and fancy classes? For a get-together dinner setup, you need to have an elaborate pre-set meal – so you can even ask your guests to share any specific preferences they have for the meal. Food and drinks need to be delicious, interesting, and mouth-watering for a royal dinner setup that brings every joy together.

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Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

Don’t let your dinner party be boring – instead, plan for some entertaining games such as dumb charades, a tambola session or any other that keeps your guests engaging. Also, sit-down dinners are the perfect opportunities to show your talent in terms of singing, dance, or any other activity that is going to enhance the fun even more. You can even make the moment even more emotional while giving speeches or thanking your family and friends for joining you on this special occasion.

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Last Minute Reminders!

Before calling it a night, don’t forget to thank your guests for being there with you during the time of celebration and remind them of the series of events awaiting ahead. It ensures that they are completely informed about the events you will organize and feel like part of your dream wedding. Live your wedding moments to the fullest – even the small ceremonies and celebrations in between can make your day amazingly good. Make sure to add the fun and activities with wedding planners Townsville that you want to make the entire ceremony an unforgettable experience. If possible, make your guest involved without leaving anyone behind so that they can enjoy the evening to the fullest.

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