Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

You might not have thought about it, but choosing the right wedding photographer is highly challenging, so start with your search on Saffron Weddings to get a long list of impressive portfolios. There are different photography styles, and every style has another package or offer, and it all starts with a unique blend. Here are some of the essential questions that you should ask a photographer when you need any help with making the right decision regarding simple weddings in Australia. You need to be sure that you get excited when working with them and feel confident throughout the planning process.

What is the style of photography they mostly use?

There are various photography styles – it can be traditional, photojournalistic, dark, light and airy, moody – the list is huge that goes on. The best you can prefer is a documentary, and it treasures candid moments that you can make much attractive with the in-between moments. The documentary moments are the same as they happen naturally and will never make you re-do anything to create a fake memory or moment that you forget easily. During portrait time, you can ask your photographer to go with the great light, and for the pose, you can normally interact with each other how you usually do. If you need some suggestions or ideas for posing, your photographer will definitely guide you, but make sure to keep your photographs authentic. With these types of photos, you recall each and every moment of the day that has happened, and with clean and vibrant edits, your moments become brighter and beautiful.

Do they work with a second photographer?

Many couples believe that the main photographers help cover the entire day celebration with a second photographer, but what do you think about its necessity? No doubt, most of you must be against this decision, but having a second photographer will provide you with a lot more help you need. The second photographer works great to keep the secondary angles during the wedding ceremony, portraits, party hour, or reception. While the main photographer covers the bride, the second photographer focuses on the groom in two different locations. When a wedding is large, it helps to have the extra coverage, and with a second photographer, you can even cover the small dinner parties or get-togethers.

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Considering the final images, exactly how many photos are you going to receive from your photographer?

Every wedding is unique, and no photographer can assure an estimate for the number of images they can provide for your wedding, but it all depends on the flow of the day. A wedding with a lot of travelling time between the locations will cover the entire journey uniquely as compared to any other wedding ceremony or reception all happening in the same place. Some weddings even run behind the time; some have a great number of guests, some take up a long time in a dinner party,  and some have a dance floor all packed right away. So, capturing different and unforgettable moments is unpredictable for planning wedding tips in Australia, especially in photography.

Do they have insurance and equipment backups?

It is among the most important questions to ask, so make sure your wedding photographer is covering everything. You can ask them if they have an insurance policy in place for unexpected incidents, and if possible, ask them to send a copy when requested by anyone. You can even ask the main photographer and the second photographer about the multiple lenses, lights, or everything so that if anything breaks down, they can cover the incident at that time.

What if the photographers get sick or can’t make it to your wedding?

Having a backup plan is important, and you need to make sure your photographer has a plan in place so that in case they are not physically present, who will take care of that situation. In that case, you can ask your photographers to send their second photographer who can step up to be the primary photographer. However, no matter the person taking up that place, they need to have definite skills and knowledge to cover the photography session.

Do they allow you to see a complete wedding gallery?

Viewing a complete wedding gallery versus just taking a glimpse from a blog help you make a difference in how a photographer documents the entire wedding day. It is easier to post their best work on social media or websites, but you can start reviewing their work to see the entire story. It provides you with an idea of how they help you with the services and what you can expect when choosing a particular photographer for your wedding day.

How long have they been a photographer, and how many weddings have they shot?

Asking both of these questions are equally important, and just because a photographer has been doing the same job for ten years does not mean they have a complete experience. You are paying for the experience and talent that a professional photographer needs to have, so make sure to choose the one that meets your expectation. There are photographers who charge less, but you need to consider their work first, so go through their portfolio to gain insights regarding the work. A professional photographer always prefers to deliver the best and highest level of services and attention that any wedding deserves.

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How do they back up their files?

Sometimes the hard drive of your wedding files may get crashed, and the photographers fail to deliver the photographs on time. Your photographer needs to have a solid backup plan in place if the same situation arises, so you need to ask these questions before doing anything. Most photographers download the main images to the hard drives and the external drive for the secondary option, and both drives are also backed up to the cloud. Memory cards can also fail with time, so make sure your photographer’s camera is available with two memory slots in their camera.

Various questions arise in your mind when you hire a photographer, and these are the important ones that you need to ask before you turn to hiring them. So, make sure that you hire an experienced, talented, and skilled photographer who can tackle any situation with ease that arises in between your wedding ceremony.

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