The Most Important Mixers to Have at Your Wedding Bar

The Most Important Mixers to Have at Your Wedding Bar

Among the most enjoyable aspect of any wedding is cocktail time. Who really doesn’t enjoy sipping tasty, revitalizing drinks that contain alcohol?

As a result, you may wish to load up on a variety of drinks to cater to everyone’s preferences. You can even have your own unique cocktail!

Having amazing wedding bar mixers can make your wedding day a blast!

You may well not realize what wedding bar mixers are if you’re not a drinker. The non-alcoholic component of a cocktail is called a mixer. It improves the flavour of your drink while also adding volume.

They generally contain various components and flavours that will be found in a certain cocktail, so all you should do is add alcohol and potentially soda to make your drink. Others are more straightforward and only serve as one of the elements.

With the right wedding bar mixers, you and your guests will toast to your better beginning with your lover.

Wedding Bar Mixers
Wedding Bar Mixers


You’ve undoubtedly known of this one, but it’s fantastic in a Gin & Tonic! The flavour is delicate, so it won’t overshadow your drink, but it will change the taste fantastically! Ensure to include a lemon slice in your gin and tonic; it will enhance the flavour tremendously.

This is ideal for all weddings. They’re one of the best wedding bar mixers that your friends will undoubtedly appreciate having this choice.

It is the one that nearly everyone is acquainted with, has tasted previously, and orders frequently.

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer may be found in a variety of drinks, the far more popular of which is the Moscow Mule. It pairs well with the vodka, isn’t overbearing, and has a mild fizz that provides a lovely touch.

That would work well in a winter wedding, but it may also be consumed in other seasons.

Watermelon Syrup

Watermelon syrup is a fantastic cocktail component that could be used in a variety of drinks. Because the watermelon flavour combines so well with a summertime theme, it’s ideal for serving in the summers.

It’s pleasant and softens the alcohol flavour, making it ideal for individuals who enjoy lighter beverages.

To make it completely proportioned, combine it with an alcoholic beverage. It mixes well with a wide range of flavours, so you may use it in a variety of cocktail recipes.

If you’re not sure which one to choose, Monin makes an excellent one that is also one of the most popular.

Powdered Mixers

You have complete freedom to select this alternative. Powdered mixes are available at many supermarkets and typically come in various tastes and are typically grouped by the drink they pair with, making your work easier.

You may typically get them in packages with different mixers for different drinks, such as Margaritas and Moscow Mules.

They’re often made of dried fruit and sweeteners, and they’re quite useful.

Cosmopolitan Mixer

This is a whole other timeless favourite.

The Cosmopolitan is a wonderful and juicy cocktail with just the right quantity of booze and wedding bar mixers, so it’s not too strong in terms of alcohol but still delivers a punch.

It’s suitable for every season, as it’s quite tasty at any time of year. Because the fruity flavour blends nicely with most themes, this traditional drink would be a fine accompaniment to any wedding. The mixer also helps make your bartender’s job a lot simpler!

It’s commonly made with colourful cranberry juice and fresh limes, so it works with anything!

Mojito Mixer
Mojito Mixer

Mojito Mixer

Mojitos are a delightful and invigorating cocktail. This is among the finest alternatives for your visitors if you’re planning a summer wedding!

The flavour is not overpowering; it’s slightly sweet, and it’s a nice treat for a hot day when you’ll do a lot of dancing and therefore need to cool down.

Muddled mint, cane sugar, and lime juice are among the ingredients. As a result, the flavour can’t be otherwise fantastic.

Orange Juice

Despite the fact that it is basically a juice, orange juice is commonly utilized as wedding bar mixers and is found in a variety of cocktails. As a result, you should add it to your menu as well. Oranges have such a vibrant and gorgeous citrus taste, and it comes out to be a fantastic cocktail mixer. It can be mixed with nearly any spirit, although it’s most recognized for being paired with vodka. However, combine it with champagne to create a mimosa! A slew of other well-known orange combos will relish your visitor’s taste buds.

Here are some suggestions on aspects to watch for when purchasing wedding bar mixers.

1. Look for mixers with a few amounts of ingredients. To begin with, you’re preventing the items with all the fake tastes, and you’re also ensuring that the taste is excellent – if they have fewer components, the main flavour will shine through more, and the whole experience will be more natural.

2. If they contain sweeteners (which most do), look for ones made with natural sweeteners such as maple or cane. They have more complex tastes.

wedding bar mixers
wedding bar mixers


Anything that you serve at your wedding should blend well with the type of alcohol served. You must serve the perfect combination of wedding bar mixers and alcohol together to not make your guests disappointed. Choose any of the mixtures above to give a perfect toast to your new beginnings.

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