The Ultimate Guide to Planning A Backyard Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Planning A Backyard Wedding

Getting married is among the most crucial event in anyone’s life that you will never forget, and if you are planning to walk down the aisle with your special someone, a backyard wedding can make the whole difference to say your vows. Whether you are holding a wedding in a larger or smaller space, it is even easier to plan a backyard wedding if you are completely aware of where to start and how to tie knots on a budget. No matter you are holding a summer or autumn ceremony, you can learn how to plan your wedding for the special moment in your own backyard.

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Backyard Wedding Planning

How to get started for your big day?

Before picking out the favours and décor, you need to start with the logistics, and your wedding success will depend on where you live, and time of the year, and the weather. You can fix a date about which you are confident the weather will not hold your ceremony back to do the wedding perfectly. Also, you need to decide whether or not you need an extraordinary license to get married in the backyard, as some locations need authority when you have decided to use it for your wedding ceremony. No doubt formal venues are always great, but you get a lot of benefits for getting married in your backyard – you can save a lot of money to rent a venue on which you otherwise have to spend thousands of dollars. Here are some of the amazing facts that make the wedding worth the effort, and along with saving money, you can get a lot of benefits by hosting a backyard wedding ceremony

  • When you have a pet in your family, you can invite them in your wedding day ritual so you can enjoy their company instead of feeling nervous – most venues do not allow pets, but you can enrol your furry friend on the best men list if you are getting married at your home.
  • Aside from the wedding, you can even host a backyard rehearsal dinner – you can go with casual foods such as barbecue or just go with homemade food, and the grilled food can make a real difference for your wedding party to enjoy.
  • Since your backyard has limited space, you can keep your guest list small – the fewer guests mean you have to spend less money that you can save for the food and entertainment.
  • Backyard weddings can provide you with the complete authority to choose the date on which you want to marry, instead of wasting your time to find the right venue – just pick up a date, and your backyard is going to work a lot better.
  • You might be nervous about getting married, but when you are getting married at your own place, it can be a great way to stay calm – it helps you feel more comfortable when you are at your own place.

Backyard Wedding
Backyard Wedding

Always keep Plan B in Place.

There is no way to make a precise forecast for the weather, so be sure to have an alternate “Plan B” in place just in case the storms revolve as part of your definitive guide to planning a backyard wedding. Weather can change instantly, which means you might end up dealing with unexpected cold temperatures or dangerous rainstorms. Draft a reasonable Plan B where you can move everyone inside your home, but if you want to keep the celebration going on even in the bad weather, you can reserve a tent that you can use in case of emergency. Make sure someone can pick the tent up in case you need it in a pinch, and ensure that the side of the tent is covered to protect everyone from the rain. If the weather is unseasonably hot, you need to add a lot of fans to keep the air circulation, but if it is cold, you need to stock up on the outdoor heaters. With these safeguards in place, you can keep your stress level low, and wedding ceremonies are moving along.

Planning A Backyard Wedding
Planning a Backyard Wedding.


Wedding planners are experts in creating the perfect timeline, so if you are doing everything on your own, it is important to create a timeline that works. You can do your best to schedule the ceremony somewhat early, so the skies don’t get darker before you have said your vows. You can avoid any downtime between the ceremony and the reception since the guests cannot travel between venues – if possible, you can even schedule your wedding photography before the ceremony begins so you can mingle and visit your guests directly. If you can’t get pictures beforehand, you can consider fun backyard games or activities to keep everyone entertained while they are waiting.

Finally, always remember to be mindful of your neighbours and agree on the relevant time for the wedding day celebrations, and you can even have fun at the local bar or another hot spot later in the night.

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