The Ultimate Lockdown Wedding Planning Guide

The Ultimate Lockdown Wedding Planning Guide

There is no longer a common sight when arranging grand weddings, but there is also no reason to delay marriage with your beloved during the lockdown. You have the option to go with the mini-wedding that contains only 10 to 15 guests, who are extremely close to the bride and groom, or you can arrange a micro-wedding with 50 guests. All you need is to follow the Covid rules and maintain social distancing norms that the government issues for the safety of all involved individuals. If you are planning for a small or micro wedding in your space, we have a guide that can work great to help you with some of the tips that fit Indians weddings in Australia.

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Safety first

Once you are done with creating the guest list, perhaps the most essential aspect you need to consider is the venue when you are arranging a platform for the ceremony. It can be your living room, terrace, or lawn, but you need to make sure that it is properly disinfected and sanitised before the guests can even arrive at your place. Another important thing is to arrange masks and sanitisers for everyone, which is an efficient way to have a sanitisation point at every corner of the venue to keep the guests in safer condition. You also need to let the guests know about all these things when they are at your place; it ensures their own safety, along with their peace of mind.

If you are going to arrange a number of functions on the same day, you need to make sure that there is enough space and time to make the changes in the decor and to sanitise the site. Keep the decor as simple as possible, ensuring that you have enough time to set up everything without much labour.

Indoor Decor

With your home being a center of attention, you need to be sure that it is simple yet beautiful, and for an indoor wedding setup, you need to think about the spaces. Make sure the space where you are arranging everything is picture-perfect for wedding photos while ensuring that the backdrop is a visual treat for everyone present there. The walls and the space should be in good condition without any cracks or dampness, and if the wall is in bad condition, use wallpapers or any draping that covers it better.

Further, you can add a grand rangoli at the entrance of your home that can create a beautiful, welcoming environment for the occasion, and for the upholstery in the room, you can use organza or satin for a fine example of simple weddings in Australia. When you are carrying out a day function, you can even throw in some cushions with mirrors or accessories to create an ethnic vibe. Adding flowers can work greatly to enhance the joyous environment. You can even work to make the space much more personalized with the addition of photos and thoughtful references to the family members and culture.

Outdoor Decoration

  • Outdoor decoration for the day ceremony

For a daytime ceremony, you can go with bright, trendy colours such as yellow, red, orange, and lime green that also works perfectly for adding into a wedding canopy. Make sure to use the colourful fabrics that work great to enhance any space perfectly, but remember to go light when decorating your table. Even if you are using brighter colours, keep the other areas efficient enough to blend with the main spaces perfectly.

  • Outdoor decoration for the evening ceremony

If you have planned to host the ceremony in an outdoor setting such as a lawn or an open-air terrace where you plan to go with an evening ceremony, you can light up your venue with lamps, fairy lights or lanterns. These work great to give an appealing look to the food carts or the counters across the space for a dream-like setup. However, you need to make sure to keep the needed and the safest distance in between the seating arrangements for the guests.

Plan every detail

Think about the total number of functions you want to organise and arrange the space while considering each function. Also, keep in mind the food you want to keep for your guests and the changes in the decorations needed for each ceremony you are organising. For instance, you can arrange a sangeet and mehndi in your garden, while the main wedding ceremony at your place, and a reception on the terrace. Depending on your needs, you can even put a break between the functions that can be either a few hours or even days. It would help if you can focus on providing a memorable experience to all of your guests who are attending the ceremonies.

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Avoid last-minute changes

When arranging a wedding during the lockdown, make sure to hire the services of a wedding planner in Australia who can help you make the entire process convenient. Every person involved in the supply chain of arranging everything in the venue works with you while following the restricted hours and the guidelines issued for the covid precautions. If possible, you can take some time or even a few months to plan things in detail to enjoy your wedding day without any hassles. 

Virtual participation

You can even take advantage of the digital era and go with the option of the virtual wedding, and instead of using the traditional wedding cards, you can opt for digital invitations. You can even do most of the wedding shopping online, and the best thing is you can interact with makeup artists, mehndi artists, and a range of other wedding vendors online. For guests who are not sure about attending the ceremony in the pandemic, you can set up a virtual platform where they can even enjoy and become a part of your wedding celebrations. Lockdown or not, don’t let your dream wedding get delayed due to budget limits; instead, you can create a detailed plan.

Saffron Weddings allows you to arrange everything within your budget and satisfaction, so you can easily communicate with the vendors to make things easier no matter your requirements for the wedding day.

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