Things to Check on Your Wedding Contracts

Things to Check on Your Wedding Contracts

So, you must have started with your wedding planning journey, and you must be booking your vendors to rock your day, but first things first, we want to congratulate you! We know that it can feel overwhelming, but it is also an exciting time in your life when you are getting married to the special one. Saffron Weddings can help you make your job as easy as possible, which is why we are here to provide you insights regarding your wedding contracts. Every single time you make a booking for the new vendors – whether you are hiring a hairstylist, photographer, musician, or anyone, you need to get an agreement in writing. If you haven’t given any deposits or signed a contract, there will be no guarantee, and of course, signing a contract is not a small thing. We are rounding up the five things to consider for your wedding vendor contract before you sign on the dotted lines to hire a suitable vendor for your wedding day.

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Wedding Vendor Contracts

1. Services Provided

The most important aspect of a wedding contract is the services provided, and the clause gives you an overview of what the vendor agrees to beyond what their business is. For example, suppose you are signing up a contract with a wedding photographer. In that case, you need to discuss it first regarding how many hours they are going to spend on work, the number of images you are going to receive, and whether those photos will be physical or digital.

The clause should also discuss the person whom you are hiring for the services, and it should not be an issue if you are working with an individual. However, if you are hiring a company rather than an individual, you need to understand their background and past work.

2. Flexibility

Sometimes, you need to make changes in the plan due to certain things, and sometimes the weather conditions create a huge mess, due to which you need to switch your plans. It does happen, but rarely, even though you need to ensure that there is a backup plan to meet the emergency needs. You can ask questions in the contract, such as what happens if you need to reschedule and they are not available at that date? If they are available, then will they charge any fees additionally? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, and if they are not in the initially drawn-up contract, don’t hesitate to make request changes and add clauses.

3. Smaller Service Details

Before booking your vendors, it is essential to understand what you are looking for, and you can look at your florists or other service providers. Make sure to go with the right vendors and put down a deposit to discuss the type of arrangements they are delivering. The misunderstandings can cause a lot of trouble, so you need to have a clear version of the work you want to do but be sure that the clause should include the maximum cost of services included in the details. By the end of it, you are not going to get stuck with a bill much larger than expected, and again, having your vision communicated early on can help ensure the same thing would not happen again.

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Wedding Ceremony Arrangements

4. Travel Expenses

If you are having a destination wedding, and hiring a vendor that will be travelling for you, always understand the additional costs you are expecting to get them there. Do you agree to book their flights and pay for their hotels? Are you going to pay for their gas and mileage if they are driving? When you know the answers to these questions, you can set up your budget while considering the same to succeed in your trip.

Tips for Signing Wedding Contracts

Don’t be afraid to negotiate terms.

If you are not satisfied with the contract that the vendor is presenting, don’t afraid to negotiate the terms – their words are not necessarily final. If there are some words you would like to change, you can present those to make changes to the same, the worst they can do is say no. But, if it is the right fit, they will work with you to make changes that make you feel more comfortable, and of course, don’t be afraid to ask any questions if you do not understand something.

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Wedding Planners

Read the entire thing

Wedding contracts are the ones that you should not sign before reading them thoroughly because there are so many little details, so make sure you understand every single word of it. You can keep a look out for the date checks and time mentioned to know what goes wrong and things that need to be changed.

You are not aware of tackling your wedding contracts, and booking the vendor of your dreams, so you need to find the right vendor in your area that works for you. Be sure to go with the wedding planners who are ready to help you no matter the situation; they can guide you through the wedding arrangements.

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