Tips for Giving the Best Wedding Toast EVER

Tips for Giving the Best Wedding Toast EVER

Although the wedding couple is the headliners of their special day, the best man, bride’s father, and other guests of the wedding party are sometimes required to give speeches at the party. In the meantime, numerous progressive brides defied convention by giving their own addresses.

Unfortunately, the unique privilege brings a lot of strain — how can you ensure that people laugh? Is it compulsory for you to say that sarcastic comment? Getting it right may be the most precious moment, but the actual question arises that how to get it right? We have collected some of the best tips from the best people who has rocked their toasts like no other. So, let’s get started with what recommendations did experts gave!

Wedding toast
Wedding toast

1. Write down some ideas. Don’t just go with the flow.

It’s not a bad idea to write out the toast precisely as you’d say it and then practices reciting it ‘innately,’ with a few glances at the cards in between. A toast should begin with a ‘smooth’ welcome introduction and conclude with a ‘sentimental’ conclusion. Be precise with the details you want to express, such as the maid of honour’s title and other important stuff.

2. Give an introduction.

There will undoubtedly be wedding attendees who have no idea who you really are. You’re unlikely to identify many of their friends and relatives if you’ve just met their fiancé(e) a few times. To initiate your speech, it’s best to start with an introduction to let the attendees know who you are. Tell the attendees how you first met with the bride or groom and your current relationship!

3. Make up a scenario.

Vividly recall the best moment you have shared with the bride or groom. It could be anything from good old school days to the fun college time, anything that just defines your relationship with the couple. You can mention your memories too, discussing the qualities you need in your future partner. Or you can talk about something from their first date, the memories they both are bestowed with. Try to come up with some fantastic stories and anecdotes that you can share with the attendees. The finest wedding toast is the one with few personal touches, and adding up such scenarios helps you achieve that.

4. Add a bit of humour

The best option to shine while giving a wedding toast would be cracking a few jokes. The light teasing is definitely okay until you start your own comedy show. Just sprinkle a few jabs throughout your speech rather than overload with humiliating incidents and inside jokes. Come up with a few idiotic yet lovable situations that would make your speech just perfect.

5. Greetings to the lovely couple.

As a result, ensure you’re not presenting the message to a single individual. This beautiful day is for your dear one and their new partner, so try your hardest to involve both of them, even if you are closer to one than the other. Whenever you need more information, get in touch with your spouse’s friends, or compile a list of all the fantastic ways your buddy’s S.O. has influenced them. Discuss his or her first impressions and what they stated following their first date.

Wedding toast
Wedding greetings

6. Bring tears to couple’s eyes

It’s not difficult to break down in tears or let others break down during a speech. You have the freedom to play with people’s emotions by dragging up their best or worst moments when a major life event occurs. You have the freedom to play with people’s emotions by dragging up their best or worst moments when a major life event occurs. Don’t be hesitant to pay homage to someone who is unable to go due to illness or who would have wanted to attend but has passed away if it is acceptable and relevant. Double-check on the names that you’ll be addressing in your speech.

7. Don’t forget to practice

It’s okay to be nervous before giving your speech. However, to keep the nervousness at bay, you should practice. It will benefit you to be consistent, plus you’ll not fumble between the lines. The more you practice, the more you’ll be comfortable with all the emotions and cracking jokes. Make sure that your speech comes up as touchy and heartfelt as possible. Your speech should show your bondage with the lovely couple. If you are in some doubt, you should record yourself and should see where you lack.

8. Brevity is important

Being short and concise about your words is always beneficial whether you have a shy personality or an effusive personality. You know the shorter toasts are much appreciated than the bigger ones. Though, you should attempt to use the three B’s rules (Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated) in your speech to make it stand out. It’s preferable to err on the side of caution since everyone will be ready to get on the dance floor!

Best Wedding Toast
Best Wedding Toast

A brainstorming session

As of now, you know everything about giving a toast but still wondering where to start. Take a quick brainstorming session to look back at the lovely memories that will help you write a killer speech. Reply to the following questions to get relevant help:

  • When did you first meet?
  • What makes you connect with the bride/groom?
  • How did they tell you while getting married?
  • What clues did you have that they were intended to be together?
  • What did you erudite from the bride/groom or the pair as a whole?
  • What are the character attributes that you found amazing?
  • When have they exhibited these characteristics?

We guess these are some of the questions that would help you prepare the best toast ever. However, whatever you say, it should exhibit honour to the newlyweds. Just keep in mind, you just have to bless the newlyweds, and you can do it in any way you like.

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