Tips For Saving Money On Your Big Day

Tips For Saving Money On Your Big Day

So, finally, you are getting married – congratulations! If you are planning to have something other than a courthouse wedding, it is likely that you need to keep some cash with you. There is a lot of pressure on weddings when you want them to be Pinterest-perfect, and it has gained massive popularity after pandemic lockdowns. However, those looking out to celebrate their love on a budget need to consider a lot of things. Weddings are identified to be an once-in-a-lifetime event, but while choosing the ideal venue or a wedding dress is essential, it is also necessary to consider that your wedding ceremony day does not cost your complete life savings.

Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Following are a few ideas that can assist you to make sure you don’t kick off your married life when it comes to arranging weddings on a budget

Highlight your main concern

When creating a wedding budget, make sure to summarize your priorities foremost – that way, when it comes to making a significant decision, you can create them considering your budget. List out those priorities and refer to them when you are about to overspend on something, but before starting with anything, discuss everything with your partner.

Don’t get married on Saturdays.

Yes, planning your big day on Saturdays is easier for your guests, but if you decide to get married on a Friday or Sunday, these can right away decrease the in general cost of your wedding. Check with the venue providers if you can get the venue on that day, and you are going to get surprised with the price difference.

Look for the cheaper substitute to the flowers you want

If you are taking into consideration the decorations, flowers are usually a superior part of weddings, and some flowers can be luxurious, especially if you need them in a wider quantity. Instead, you can go with the silk flowers or the alternative fresh flowers that can save you a huge sum when it comes to the decorations. You can even talk to your florist to check if there is a less expensive option available, and you will get the similar ones you have been looking out for. For example, if you want to go with the peonies, you can consider garden roses that look the same when you want to consider a cheaper option.

Wedding on a budget
Wedding on a budget

Keep your guest list small – and ask others to join virtually.

It can be difficult because weddings are often a time to gather friends and families all together, but you can ask your faraway friends to join you virtually. It can help you save money, so make sure you can ask your guests to join your wedding ceremony virtually when sending an invitation. While doing so, you cut costs on food, drinks, tables, chairs, and even the decorations, because there will be extremely few people present in your venue.

Book your photographer or videographer for a condensed number of hours

No doubt, having all the decisive moments of a big day well documented is necessary, but you most likely won’t need never-ending shots of people eating or dancing throughout your wedding hours. Cutting the amount of hours from a boundless rate to a few hours for special moments can put aside you a considerable amount of funds when it comes to the photographer and videographer. You can ask your photographer to stay merely for an hour or half when the dinner is finished, and every person gets busy on the dance floor.

Have a cocktail party reception

If you are planning a wedding while considering your funds, you can go with a cocktail party reception to lower your cost, and you can keep the desserts when you are holding a cocktail-style party. It can save you a lot of costs, and even more, you can choose to have a combination of cocktail tables and larger shared tables instead of just arranging separate sitting plans for the guests. While you are at it, it can limit your bar choices instead of a completely open bar that saves you a lot of money on catering costs.

Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party

Do you own makeup

If you are confident about your skills in the beauty department, don’t wait to get help from any makeup artist; instead, go with your own skills to get a perfect look for your big day. Get help from tutorials or YouTube videos, and get advantages or free advice that can make you look better. You can even change your makeup look with the natural touch or the different makeup styles that better suit your personality.

Ultimately, you don’t need to pay out much money to have a party that needs to be as extraordinary and exceptional as your love, so be imaginative and crafty when it comes to your wedding ideas. Always glue to your budget, and you are going to rock your day in the way you have always wanted without spending much on your wedding day.

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