The perfect wedding is like a recipe – and your wedding venue is one of the most important ingredients. Get it right, and you’ll have a ceremony that you and your guests will never forget. Read on to find out our top picks for the best wedding venues in Canberra!

Planning a kick-ass wedding takes a lot of work, and finding the right venue is one of the most challenging aspects of it. Not only does it have to be picture-perfect, but it also needs to accommodate all of your guests, be accessible enough for everyone, and work with your budget.

While that sounds like a tall order, there are actually a lot of wedding venues in Canberra that fit the bill – you just have to do some research! But to save you time and energy, we compiled a list of the most in-demand restaurants, hotels, and public spaces for a picturesque wedding.

Things To Consider When Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the right venue is going to require both practicality and sentiment. On the practical side, the wedding venue you choose will likely dictate other aspects of your ceremony, such as your catering, entertainment, and decor. On the meaningful side, your venue sets the right tone for your wedding. From quirky outdoor venues to luxurious hotel ballrooms, the venue will provide a unique experience, so make sure you choose wisely.

Not sure how to go about choosing the right venue? Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Wedding Date

Venues can book one, maybe two weddings a day, so it’s important to book yours before someone else steals your spot! If you already have a date set, check which venues are available on that day. If you don’t have a set wedding date, you’ll have a lot more flexibility with your options.

Venue Location & Accessibility

Unless you’re having a destination wedding, your wedding venue’s accessibility is incredibly important. The closer the location is to where your guests live, the more guests can accept your invite. 

Accessibility isn’t just about where it is, though – it’s also about how easy it is to get to the venue, whether there’s enough parking for everyone, and if the venue has ramps and elevators to cater to your elderly or disabled guests.

Guest Capacity

While it is helpful to have a guest list before you book your wedding venue, all you really need is a rough estimate of how many guests you’re inviting. Small weddings under 200 pax usually have more choices than big weddings with hundreds or thousands of guests. So before you commit to a venue, just make sure you get the headcount right because you don’t want your reception venue feeling too cramped or too oversized for the occasion!

Aesthetic & Theme

The vibe you get from a local winery is leagues different from the vibe you get from a 5-star ballroom. Whether or not your wedding has a theme, it’s important to get the mood right. Are you going for something charming and rustic, or do you want something elegant and grand? A venue’s aesthetic sets the base for your decorations and overall atmosphere.

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