Trendy Groom's outfits for 2022

Trendy Groom’s outfits for 2022

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses, especially the wedding outfits for the groom, there are endless options available from which you can choose the suitable one. You get endless choices in between a Sherwani, Achkan, or a wedding suit and a lot more, but it’s never been easy to choose a suitable one for the occasion, especially if it is your wedding day. Mainly, if you want to choose a North Indian tradition, you just can’t think of any other option than a Sherwani at your wedding, but make sure it goes well with the gorgeous lehenga. South Indian ethnicity is all about wearing a white mundu pairing with a shirt-style kurta, so if you are considering an Eastern style, you need to go for a dhoti-kurta style that will rock your look. It is expected of you when it comes to the preparations for your wedding outfit; you need to get a custom-made groom to wear an outfit that goes with your personality. Well, gone are the days when Indian groom outfits were just designed while considering convenience – men nowadays have their own style, and they are even cautious when it comes to the right wedding day outfit. In fact, some men even prefer to create a detailed list of the overall outfits needed for the different ceremonies to meet the emerging fashion needs, so make sure to go with an outfit that goes well with your personality.

Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

The outfit is all about creating a statement – a combination of aesthetic craft and masculine enthusiasm – the colour combination needs to be unique and stylish that you expect from your outfit. A sherwani with jacket works great over an Anarkali kurta and elegant bottom wear – you can take plated stole to drape with an embellishment belt on one side. Along with the accessories such as royal headgear and Moti mala, your groom style is going to be the royal look.

Jacket Jazz with Kurta

A groom outfit that includes a kurta with jacket jazz is going to be a perfect option for the wedding days and the reception nights that surely are going to glam up your look. You can go with the same coloured kurta and bottom that looks even adorable when you pair the same with a decent jacket with minakari-like embellishments.

Groom outfits 2022
Jacket Jazz with Kurta

Indowestern looks with dark and white shades.

When you choose to go with an Indowestern look, choose a white bottom that is going to rock your look if you are pairing it with the darkest shade of sherwani. These work great to enhance the masculine and powerful vibes that look elegant when you blend your dressing style with a white turban and a mala.

Groom outfits 2022
Indowestern Look

The Kurta Pajama

It is the most common Indian wedding outfit that you will get enormous variations in the same style – Grooms prefer to pair an embellished kurta with churidar bottoms. Instead of a straight look, they look gorgeous with wrinkled bottoms that resemble a band of bangles, but grooms also prefer to pair kurtas with the Salwars.

Jodhpuri Suit

A Jodhpuri suit is a cultural outfit for men that has emerged in the last century in the princely state of Jodhpur – it combines a high-neck jacket with a decent kurta and a churidar bottom. It adds a royal vibe to your look if you pair the same with the right accessories and wear it in style. There are also brocade and Jamawar versions of the same Jodhpuri suit that a groom can wear on their wedding day or any other ceremony to rock their look.

latest groom outfits
Jodhpuri Suit

The evergreen Sherwani

The Sherwani is a well-liked Indian groom outfit today, but it has originated in Central Asia, not India – it is all about a heavily embroidered Kurta with high collars. It looks elegant when you pair it with a churidar bottom and a dupatta, and you will see a brand essence in the outfit. Sherwani is the most preferred option for weddings, and you will also get a wide variety of variations when you are going to choose a suitable one. You can go with the one with different embroideries, fabrics, and colour combinations, but make sure to opt for the silkstone that is slightly embroidered, which compliments your Sherwani elegantly.

Tuxedo Suits

The evergreen tux suits will never go out of fashion, and even for your cocktail or reception party, these are going to make a statement with an elegant yet minimal style. Go ahead with a tux suit to rock your day in style, and leave everyone to amaze with your bold yet luxurious look.

latest groom outfits
Wedding Suits

When choosing a suitable wedding suit, you need to study the fabric accessories to ensure that the wedding suit looks perfect with the small details, so don’t rush to make the decision quickly. Additionally, depending on the design and convenience, the groom can choose the suitable outfit that goes perfectly with the personality, and at the same time, look stylish. Severity, elegance, tradition, and correct cut are what you need to consider for an ideal suit, and it makes a wedding outfit an elegant choice when it comes to a wedding dress. When choosing a traditional outfit for your 2022 wedding, you need to think about the details and accessories required to rock your day in style. Your wedding is your special day; make sure you rock it in a style that reflects your individuality even better.

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