Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator: Which Do You Need?

Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator: Which Do You Need?

So excited about your wedding? Getting goosebumps? Of course, you’ll be happy as it is your wedding! But, get sweats while thinking about all the hassles and stress that you had to manage for your wedding. Why don’t you hire someone to handle the stress? Definitely, you should!

Still, worried about whom to choose? a planner or a coordinator? Aren’t they all the same?

Nah, not at all. While some responsibilities might coincide, these wedding professionals have a distinct part in performing in the wedding planning process, and knowing what each one does and is accountable for will help you decide whether a planner or a coordinator is ideal for you.

In order to make the wedding planning phase less hectic and more enjoyable for you and your partner, check out the few distinctions between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.

Who Is A Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner will assist you in each part of the process during the wedding planning.

Wedding planners oversee all parts and practicalities of a wedding while keeping your wedding objectives and preferences in mind. Consider your wedding planner to be a project leader in favor of creating your ideal wedding a reality and your marriage enjoyable!

Wedding planners and wedding organizers
Wedding planners and wedding organizers

A wedding planner’s responsibilities include:

  • Creating and managing budgets (You establish the cost, but your planner can assist you to figure out if it’s reasonable for your goals and how to spend it wisely.)
  • Making a to-do list 
  • Vendor suggestions and bargaining (Wedding planners understand which suppliers are trustworthy and competent, and they can allow you to put together your dream wedding group!)
  • Visits to the event and celebration locations
  • Having meetings with you and your suppliers to assist in the resolution of all issues and to provide direction and experience.
  • Providing assistance with visitor administration, lodging, and activities
  • Creating a wedding day schedule
  • Creating a wedding day layout
  • Timeframes for transportation are created and managed.
  • Organizing and directing the rehearsal
  • Planning and directing the wedding day, ceremonies, and party (This involves organizing vendors, ensuring timeframes are adhered to, resolving any difficulties that occur, and ensuring that your wedding idea is realized.)
  • Establishing and dismantling goods that you or the planner have to bring in

Wedding planners often put in more than 150 hours of effort organizing a couple’s big day, with just around 15 hours of that time spent on the wedding day itself.

After all, a wedding planner is intimately engaged in the preparation process and can fulfill practically all of your wedding tasks. Partnering with a wedding planner may also ease a great deal of stress for you throughout both your engagement and your wedding day.

Who Is A Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding planner is active throughout the planning phase, whereas a wedding coordinator is active in the organization of a wedding roughly one month prior to the wedding day.

That’s because wedding organizers don’t design weddings; instead, they implement and monitor what a pair has initially scheduled in reducing anxiety on the big day.

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

A wedding coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Vendor management (This does not include vendor selection or employment.) This only entails ensuring that all providers are all on the same page.)
  • Making timetables
  • Final inspection of the wedding and reception
  • Organizing and directing the rehearsal
  • Planning and directing the wedding day, ceremonies, and party (This includes coordinating vendors, ensuring timeframes are adhered to, resolving any difficulties that arise, and ensuring that your nuptials are carried out.)
  • Putting up and cutting down objects that you or the organizer have brought in

Wedding coordinators often labor between 25 and 40 hours every wedding, with roughly 15 of those hours spent on the couple’s wedding day.

Essentially, with a wedding coordinator, you would already be in control of organizing your wedding, but your coordinator would be responsible for executing and supervising the arrangements you and your fiancé have established so you can celebrate your big day without worrying about practicalities!

Which Is The Best Option For You?

Wedding planners and wedding organizers both have various core competencies to offer. Now that you’ve learned about every, it’s critical to evaluate which wedding pro (or professionals) is best for you!

You’ll probably want to engage with a wedding planner if you need a competent, go-to person during the whole wedding planning process. A wedding planner, although more costly, will be accountable for creating your ideal wedding vision.

If you’ve had a hectic life and do not have any time to concentrate on all of the intricacies involved in planning your big day, you’ll probably want to hire a wedding planner.

A wedding coordinator can be the better decision for you if you need to be in charge of the preparations but also want to be free to have fun on your wedding day. You’ll basically arrange your big day with a coordinator, and your coordinator will be in place to assure that it all goes according to plan and, therefore, nothing scares you out that day you get married.

To determine if a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator is best for you, you must first choose how much preparation you want to do yourself and how much help you want.

wedding planning process
wedding planning process

The above-given information will surely clear your doubt regarding wedding planners and wedding coordinators. Finally, you would like to relish your wedding day, so choose the wedding professionals who will enable you to unwind and savor every beautiful second!

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