Whether you’d like to opt for a common palette like the Ambani clan or a common embroidery pattern as seen on the Bhavnanis and Padukones at the Lake Como wedding, here’s all the inspiration you need to dress your bridal crew in matching outfits.

Weddings narrate a story where the bride plays the protagonist. But as you assume the leading role, don’t forget about the supporting acts either. Your mother, siblings and coterie of bridesmaids will equally be in the limelight, managing everything from curating your envy-inducing trousseau to carrying your SOS makeup arsenal on the big day. At the very least, they’ll be in your photographer’s path, making it paramount that your bride crew shines just as brightly on your wedding day (while you take the spotlight, of course).

The stature of their roles is perhaps the reason behind new-age Indian weddings adapting to the age-old concept of dressing the bridal squad uniformly. For the uninitiated, a legend that dates to ancient Rome states that any happy occasion has the potential to attract evil spirits. For centuries, bridesmaids dressed alike to act as a shield for the bride against these spirits. While these rationales have faded over time, the idea of matching the bridal party’s attire is still favoured by brides-to-be. You can choose to dress your bridesmaids in the same colour family or have them wear the same style of outfit. And the simplest way to coordinate your crew? Pick a common fashion designer.

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